White-label industrial-grade M2M platform
We offer endless industrial-grade hardware and software possibilities for commercial equipment
Provided as all-in-one and ready for deployment package
Powerful hardware to integrate into existing equipment
Embedded operating system with bi-directional interfaces
Local- and cloud-based server-side software
Flat pricing model does not depend on amount of data processed
Prediction maintenance and repair
Reduces operation costs
Remote and/or automated equipment control
For automated operations
Supply usage control
Reduces supply demand
Big data acquisition
Improves efficiency and sustainability
We provide the full platform
They are integrated into existing equipment to bring:
Work cycle data acquisition, processing and transmission
We develop and manufacture Linux-based boards of various designs
+ 7 more designs
Outbound equipment control
User identification via QR/RFID and more extra features
Manufacturing is planned to be set up in Germany
Embedded boards
Server-side software
Data storage and transmission
Online equipment control
Equipment map
Reports system
Integrated MES system
ERP, MES and other systems integration, direct or via connectors
May be deployed locally or in the cloud
Demo account is available
White-label industrial-grade M2M platform